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EV Charger Installation Newmarket

plugged charger of the car

Powering the things that matter most requires a steady stream of energy, which is why it is so crucial to have it. If you need an EV Charger electrician, you can count on us to be there fast and do the work securely. Our firm employs only certified EV charger electricians and provides proof of licensing and insurance upon request. The newmarker community can relax knowing they will always get timely service and complete customer satisfaction when they reach out to us for help with EV Charger Installation. If you already own an electric car, you can count on us to provide you with the most efficient and convenient EV charging station installation in Newmarket possible. Contact us if you haven't settled on one yet, and we'll help you narrow down the options.


Professional Level 2 Charger Installation in Newmarket

The standard plug-in accessory that comes with your vehicle can be used with any household outlet. While this is a handy option, it is a very sluggish method of powering your car. You may only be able to drive 50 or 60 miles before needing to plug it in again. However, if you have a Level 2 charger professionally installed in your garage, the charging time will be cut in half. We know what we’re doing. it is our passion. When a Level 2 EV charger is installed in your house, it is wired directly into your electrical system, allowing for far faster charging times than with a Level 1 charger. One possible change is that you may now go 250 miles on a single overnight charge instead of only 50.


Residential EV Chargers in Newmarket

Despite the fact that the cost of charging your car at a station is lower than the cost of buying gasoline, the owner of the station will still mark it up. To add insult to injury, you are probably going to make some purchases while waiting for your car to charge that you would not have made otherwise. It's more cost-effective to charge your car while you're already at home, at night. Savings compared to buying at a store will be immediate and substantial. When charging at home, take advantage of the reduced nighttime rates offered by most electric suppliers.


What are the Benefits of Using a Tesla Wall Connector in Newmarket?

If you need to charge your device while you're out and about, you may have a difficult time doing so. A dead battery is the last thing you need while you're driving your Tesla. The primary benefit of installing a Tesla home charging station is the ability to charge your car without having to leave the house. An overnight charge through Mobile Connector is possible, but it won't be enough to get you through the day. You can charge your Tesla to full capacity in a matter of hours with the help of the Tesla Wall Connector, which plugs straight into your home's electrical system. The Wall Connector will save you money on gas and increase your driving time.


In Newmarket, rely on our licensed electricians to set up a charging station for your Tesla

Installing a Tesla Wall Connector is a smart move if you prefer the ease and convenience of charging your electric car at home. To completely charge your Tesla will only take a few hours, providing you the independence to go far without stopping at a charging station. Having a Tesla charger installed in your house is a breeze with the help of our professional electricians. If you want to start charging your Tesla at home right now, contact EV Charger Installations.

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