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EV Charger Installation Toronto

car parked beside the charging station

Now that more people are driving electric cars, having a charging station in their own garage is more important than ever. If you are interested in our Toronto EV Charger Installation, the first thing we do is check to see if a Level 2 charger can fit in your home's electrical panel. Not everyone has the option to put a charging station at their residence, and tenants in particular are often without such a facility. However, getting a home charger put on your property will make the amount of time you spend driving your electric car more enjoyable, and allowing us to perform the electrical installation work in Toronto could even end up saving you money.


Level 1 and Level 2 Charging Stations

It is possible to charge an electric vehicle by plugging it into a Level 1 charging station, which is similar to plugging the Electric Vehicle into a conventional household 110-volt wall outlet. When you buy an EV or Electric Vehicle, most manufacturers will normally provide a Level 1 cord set. Level 2 charging stations could offer a charge at a rate of 13-25 miles per hour, which is up to four times as fast as Level 1 stations. You will want the assistance of our professional electricians to get a 240-volt outlet placed on a dedicated circuit.


Installing a Level 2 EV Charging Station

Getting the correct charging station, installing it in the most convenient location, and ensuring its safety all require careful planning and action. For no cost, ourĀ helpful home Quality Consultant will come to your house for an in-person consultation during which you can choose from a variety of charging station placements and discuss the pros and drawbacks of each with you. The next step is a thorough site examination by ourĀ certified electrician to identify your individual requirements for the installation. The electrical panel may, for instance, need to be upgraded. As soon as everything is set, our electrician will come back and carefully perform any necessary upgrades, install the charging station, and instruct you on how to use it.


Duration for Electric Vehicle Chargers Installation

The level 2 charger is essential for the vast majority of our clientele. If you park your car in a garage or other covered place, this charger is a perfect fit. An electric vehicle charger can be set up in around four hours. Neither you nor your charger will need any auxiliary tools for us to supply and install your charger. But whether we install it in your garage or outside, we'll need a dedicated line to the panel. The work is completed in accordance with all established norms. Whether it's a level 1, 2, or 3 EV charging station, we can help property owners and people set them up. Let us guide you to the ideal electric vehicle charger.


A Few of the Many Ways Electric Vehicle Chargers Pay Off

More and more people are turning to electric automobiles as a means to lessen their carbon footprint while also having access to a convenient and inexpensive mode of transportation. With far less upkeep needed, electric vehicles are much more convenient. They're better for the planet because you won't have to get your oil changed as often. If you regularly use your EV charger, you'll extend the life of your vehicle and save money on gas and repairs. An electric vehicle's driving experience is thrilling because of the vehicle's strong acceleration and braking. In addition, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you're not contributing to pollution by driving an automobile that doesn't affect the environment.

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