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Tesla Charger Installation

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The dream has become a reality because of innovations in energy storage and renewable power generation, such as the Tesla Energy Powerwall, which allows you to use clean energy whenever you choose. Overnight charging at home is the most convenient option for Tesla owners. Simply plug in your vehicle when you arrive home and let it charge while you snooze. You can save both time and money by avoiding the hassle of filling up a gas-powered vehicle and taking advantage of the cheaper utility rates that are available during the overnight, off-peak hours. As the most adaptable method of domestic power supply, we advise installing a Powerwall. However, many alternatives exist that can be tailored to your preferences and driving requirements.


Fast and Efficient Tesla Installation Process

Before you take delivery of your vehicle, we advise having your home charging equipment installed. While selecting and arranging an electrician may seem daunting, most installations just take a few hours. We have a staff of qualified Tesla charger professionals ready to help you set up your home charging equipment as soon as you're ready. Get in touch with us and tell us about the installation services you require. Get the most bang for your buck quickly and easily with our no-strings-attached price quotations. We have a crew that is always ready to set up an installation date for you.


Tesla Charge Level 1

To begin with, it makes sense to prioritize the simplest "Level 1" charging method. To do this, just connect your vehicle to a standard 120V household socket, like the one used to power your TV, computer, or light. With this alternative, no further software setup is required. To charge your Tesla at home, simply connect the charger to an electrical outlet and the vehicle to the charger. Because power is being supplied to the vehicle at such a low pace, this method is known as "trickle charging." This may be sufficient for some property owners. While some opt for a faster "Level 2" charger installation that is suitable for Tesla vehicles.


Tesla Charge Level 2

It's almost as simple as choice 1. You will require a 240V power outlet rather than a standard 120V one. It's also recommended that you purchase a Tesla dryer adaptor. It's vital to note that there are numerous variations of plugs. To begin, the faster-charging speed compared to 120V charging is significant, and it can be extremely helpful or even crucial for some people's charging and driving demands. Increase your range by 15–30 miles per hour as opposed to the standard 3–4 miles/h. Another benefit of the NeoCharge Smart Splitter is that it allows you to connect a Tesla charging station to an existing 240V outlet. As soon as another appliance, like a clothes dryer, uses all of its available power, the Smart Splitter will pause your Tesla's charging and resume it when it's done. Self-installation takes only a few minutes with the included Tesla Mobile Connector.


NeoCharge Smart Splitter

If you have an electric vehicle and a Level 2 charging station is already plugged into an available 240V electrical outlet, you can use the 240V NeoCharge Smart Splitter to connect a second charging station to the same outlet. If you own two electric vehicles, you could decide to charge them simultaneously at 50% capacity. Importantly, there is no installation fee for Tesla home chargers with this option! Setting up a Tesla charger is not a cheap endeavor. You may need to improve your electric panel capacity if you have a charger installed. You can save a lot of money if you can just plug a Smart Splitter into an existing outlet instead of paying to have a charger installed or upgrading your electrical panel.

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